Welcome To Shri Devkuba Ashram – Ardoi

From 30kms North of Rangila Rajkot ,at Kotda state, Ardoi village in Shri Devukaba’s Ashram and by the grace of Devukaba and Lord Krishna, Shri Vishveshwari mataji and Shri Rushi Bapu under different Vedantik religious activities are being carried out.

Pujya Shri Devkuba Dada

Pujya Devkuba Dada's History

Alongwith krishna worship, Devkuba started devoting her mind and deep worshiping and that is why she was "initiated" (diksha) by shri suryapratapdas bapu the priest (mahant) of suradev temple.

Pujya Shri Vishweshvari Mataji

Pujya shri Vishweshvari Mataji's History

Before attaining tomb (Samadhi) Devkuba inspired her eldest daughter Vilasba to worship spiritual inheritance. Looking to the worthiness of Vilasba, Devkuba placed the hand of Vilasba on her right hand.

Mahant Acharya Shri Rushi Bapu

Shri Rushi Bapu's History

Since childhood known as Saraju Bhagat, Shri Rushibapu at the age of 9 during education and after coming in contacts with great saints took initiation for bachelorhood under the kind guidance of Shri Rampriyaji.