History of Acharya Mahant Shri Rushi Bapu

Acharya Mahant shri Rushi Bapu of shri Devkuba Ashram – Ardoi

Prof. Shri Rushi bapu:

Since childhood known as Saraju Bhagat, Shri Rushibapu at the age of 9 during education and after coming in contacts with big priests took initiation for bachelorhood under the kind guidance of Shri Rampriyaji who had a sound Vaidik knowledge as per our Vaidik tradition. He was awarded 2 gold and 1 silver medal from Darshanam Sanskrit Maha Vidalaya on State level for attaining fruitful Vaidik knowledge


Professors Degree:

In 2007, Shri Rushibapu for one year travelled in the UK. His curiosity for education in Vedanta still remained unfulfilled and he was in search of a Guru (teacher) who could fulfill his curiosity. He came in contact with a renowned and Padmabhushan award winner Prof “Shri Vardacharya Maharaj. For 2 years under the kind guidance of Shri Vardacharya Maharaj, Shri Rushibapu acquired knowledge of Vedanta. Shri Rushibapu was awarded gold medal by State Sanskrit Institution, New Delhi and by Tatkalin Kendras Certificate of Vedantcharya.


Ascetic Initiation: (Sanyaas Diksha):

During childhood Shri Rushibapu had love towards Krishna worship so along with Vedanta he had interest in learning Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta during leisure hours. After completion of learning Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta he took Ascetic Initiation (Sanyaas Diksha) from Shri Vardacharya Maharaj.


Young Kathakar:

According to the instructions of his teacher (guruji), Shri Rushibapu travelled across India and initiated the Bhagwat Katha in Gujarat. During which the founder of Shri Devkaba Shrine, Ardoi, Vishweswari Maataji grandly organised the 25th Bhagwat Katha of Shri Rushibapu.


Welcome In Ardoi:

Shri Rushibapu was given a warm welcome by Vishveshwari Mata in presence of devotees after the completion of 25th Katha and Shri Rushibapu was elected and placed as the priest of the shrine.



Shri Rishibapu during his stay at Devukaba Ashram in 2014 continuous to impart religious, social and educational knowledge.