History of Pujya Shri Vishweshvari Mataji – Astrologer



Before attaining tomb (Samadhi) Devkuba inspired her eldest daughter Vilasba to worship spiritual inheritance. Looking to the worthiness of Vilasba, Devkuba placed the hand of Vilasba on her right hand and told Vilasba that “from today you will raise Dada’s flag for the welfare of the living beings in the entire world. Hence, from today you are initiated and instead of Vilasba you will be worshipped as “Vishweshvari Mata” in the entire world.


Spiritual inheritance worship:

At the age of 13 years, Vishweshvari Mata came forward to fulfill the desire of her mother and along with family responsibilities marched ahead on religious foot-steps.


Determined Dispassion:

Even though not intending to enter into the social and family life, Vishweshvari Mata went got married and went to in-laws out of respect for the society but, eventually left all social and family happiness behind, and headed towards Jetpur.


Founding the Shrine:

To spread the divine tradition ahead, a stone of foundation of shrine was laid down particularly in the native place, Ardoi in the year 2009 of Devukaba.


Trust formation:

Day by day as the trust committee members started getting good response and support, from society, a trust by name Shri Dekuba Gau Seva Trust was formed and opportunities of social functions and group marriages functions were explored.


Astrologer’s say :

Shri Vishweshvari Mata has been specially blessed and graced by Devukaba and Sonalma (Madhada) to be able to look through the past and future of human beings.