History of Shri Devkuba Dada

Birth place:

From 30 Kms North of Rangila Rajkot, village Ardoi, Nr. Kotda station, smt Soanbai wife of shri Kathadbhai Khemer gave birth to a child who was named “Devkuba” on Rushi panchami day in the year 1968.



Smt. Devkuba during her childhood devoted her precious time in “Krishna worship”. When she attained maturity, she was married with Shri Bhikhubhai gida (son of Shri Rawatbhai gida) of jetpur kathi darbar.



Alongwith krishna worship, Devkuba started devoting her mind and deep worshiping and that is why she was “initiated” (diksha) by shri suryapratapdas bapu the priest (mahant) of suradev temple.


Devotion of Shri vasuki dada:

Smt. Devkuba frequently used to visit gurudwar for offering and devoting her time in prayers. From there, she used to visit “vasuki dada” for darshan resulting in deep devotion and interest in worshiping vasuki dada.

During 1990, in one glorious night, smt. Devkuba at her residence in jetpur, had a sweet dream of vasuki dada’s incarnation in the form of a 16ft long divine snake telling her the following words:…
“I am pleased by your true worship and devotion” and after these words vasuki dada’s incarnation disappeared. Devkuba was stunned, amazed to hear and see this delightful incarnation of vasuki dada in the form of snake.

Vasuki dada invariably and frequently used to help the needy people through Devkuba who took place in the heart of people and finally Devkuba was known as Devkuba dada amongst people.


Abandonment from Food:

After having darshan of Vasukida , devukaba dada left eating food and survived on fruits and vegetables during her lifetime.


Grand organization of 151 Kundi Shri Vasuki Yagna:

After 3 years of continuous worship, Devukaba Dada made the whole city of Jetpur holy and pious by sprinkling milk throughout and laid down the holy statue of Shri Vasuki dada.


Spiritual Presence in Pataal Lok:

Till 30 years Devukaba Dada under the guidance of Vasuki Dada on religious grounds and worship gave divine knowledge to the living beings on the earth and on Monday the Jeth Sud Saatam (7th day of the month in Lunar calendar) in the year 1998 left for heavenly abode by the foot steps of Shri Vasuki Dada.