1> H.H.shree Rushiji maharaj and pujya Vishveshvari mataji were honoured “Ved Prasaar Award” by WBO and British Parliyament (The House Of Commons) UK

2> “Samuhalagna” of 11 Couples belog to poor family Organzed by Our Shree Devkuba Ashram – Ardoi Village.

3> The divine occasions – Navrago Mandavo of Shree Vasuki dada also celebrated.

4> shree yag arranged by our shree devkuba ashram for the peace of the people of nepal – Earth quick.

5> Pujya Shree Rushi Bapu and Pujya shree Vishveshvari Mataji gave divine blessings to the people related to World Bhramin federation in Ahemadabad, Gujarat.

6>Next Shrimad Bhagwat Katha By Shree Rushi Bapu in UK – Preston From 28th june To 4th July and Nottingham From 10th July To 16th July.

7>The charity kitchen is opened from 3 days continuos by shri devkuba ashram for flood suffered people at jetpur – gujarat india